3 Lies We Tell Themselves to Stop Creating

This is the age of multiple small sellers instead of few big companies doing the selling. Think about Uber, airBnB, everyone has something to sell, or eventually they will.

How about you? What do you have to sell?

It is time to look at what you have, and what you have is a hidden talent. Perhaps you are a good artist, a good writer? Or are you good at complaining ? It’s a common Singaporean skill right? The ability to complain? Look at YouTube, search for rant videos. Can this skill be monetized? You can be sure it can!

So I’ve found that most people tell themselves lies that prevent them from starting to create. Here are the top 3!

1) I am not enough

I’m not smart enough, talented enough, good enough, beautiful enough.

It never ends. If we continue to compare with people better than us, we will indeed be not good enough.

The truth is, we have to get started. No skill becomes perfect overnight. Tell yourself that you are good enough to start instead, hone yourself over time, and get better already.

The truth is, you are better than someone else at a lot of times. You know that it is true. Start already.

2) Money\Resources not enough

This trap exists all across human endeavours. It is very easy to tell yourself you need this equipment, that new tool to become great. It is a trap to tell yourself you need more money to start.

You want to take up tennis but you don’t have that new ultra light, ultra sturdy racquet. In every field, you have a spectrum of resources available to you, from the cheap and accessible to the expensive and premium.

Don’t fall into the trap. Instead, start with what is immediately available to you. The time is now where so many tools are accessible to all of us. The Internet is a real game changer by making resources available to all of us.

Start with something simple.

Look at the podcast I’ve created. (Subscribe to it here.) I used a smartphone, cheap headphones , a wide angle lens, and I’ve started something already. Do it.

3) Time not enough

This is the worst lie that separates the consumers from the creators.

I don’t have enough time.

What are you doing with your time? How much time have you spent travelling each day? What did you do with your time? Facebook ? Korean drama watching? YouTube surfing?

Nothing wrong with that, we all love our entertainment. But if you want an answer to where your time went, look no further than what you do while you are waiting.



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