“Create like today would be the last.

Create like your life depended on it.

It is absolutely easy to sit on our asses and consume away,

but to create requires something else… “

Thank you for visiting this page! You are here at www.WhyKeen.com, and the About Why Keen page, so I guess I should tell you a little about myself?

I’ve been filming weddings for 9 years now, covering corporate events for an equal amount of time, and producing videos for brands for 5 years. I have created Ichiro Films, with two co-founders, making a name for ourselves in the wedding videography industry. We started with next to nothing, and built the company to a modest SME with a unique brand, and a scale-able system. We take pride in creating unique short films of weddings every single time, and I have created a system for the team to create unique stories around our clients. With this system, I have helped to unleash the creativity in every one in my team, past and present. Two to three of former Ichiro Films have gone on to greater heights in their individual careers, starting companies on their own.

I have left Ichiro Films for a slightly different path now, and in the interim, I have this page. I will still be creating videos for a living, so do contact me if I can help you in any way at all! I will be sharing my system of idea generation, business building, generally, unlocking creativity that lies within each of us, so send some love if you like what you read, and subscribe.

Why Keen
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