The haze… Do we have a right to blame?

Just a quick note after such a long time of not posting.

Been busy lately, and really pushing myself to write down my thoughts before I lose them.

Anyway, the stupid haze had been coming back and forth for weeks now. Who is to blame for this? The Indonesian government? The farmers?

I don’t know. But I was downright dissapointed with Singaporeans who added to the problem. Last Friday was the Chinese Lantern Festival. Was at West Coast Park with a couple of friends for a barbeque.

Saw some people throwing sparkling fireworks onto trees. It had not been raining for days now.

Dry trees + Sparklers


Fire + Smoke + Burnt Tree

Wah lau… I mean, at least when Indonesian farmers are doing the burning, it is for a reason, right? They want to clear the land for their crops, right?

What’s with these Singaporeans? Do it because they damn bor liao or what? The funny thing is … these are probably the people who kao beh about the haze … and the loudest lor…


This being my first post, I should introduce myself.

I am …
an E going to S, to B and to I,
a PE,
a non-traditional Budhist philosopher,
a trained Software Engineer,
aspiring artist,
aspiring musician,
aspiring photographer,
a Martian…
and the list goes on.

Who am I?

Who really understands who I am anyway? Me? My wife? My close friends? My parents? I guess the question is who are you? Whoever the reader is would understand whoever I am.

Thus this blog.. Random rantings about everything under the sun, hopefully it can help me define who I am, and help my friends and family understand the different perspectives that form up the whole of me, TWeaK.